Site is alive!

Friends, thank you for your patience. After making promises to have the site up on Monday, it’s now up, and it’s only Friday!

After much gnashing of teeth and lost sleep, I switched the website hosting over to Laughing Squid, which is far easier to administrate (and considerably faster) than the previous host.

I will be adding a TON more resource links and tidying up things a bit as the weekend goes on…


Peace to all. Always.

5 thoughts on “Site is alive!”

  1. What a great site! Thank you!! Best wishes to you and your family – your story about your daughter moved me to tears.

  2. Very sorry to hear about your daughter, I pray she makes a full recovery. Thanks for maintaining this site, it has been very valuable to me!

  3. The new format is wonderful. The old site directed me to several sanghas I have attended and has been a great help in my spiritual life. Thank you

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