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Michigan Buddhist now accepting advertising
A promotional banner, new to the Michigan Buddhist website, will be shown at the bottom of every page. We hope you’ll consider supporting Michigan Buddhist by promoting your own goods and services on the website.
Michigan Buddhist reaches a surprisingly broad audience, amounting to thousands of viewers a month. The majority are from Michigan, but we also receive visits from nearly every country in the world. In order to raise money to help defray the costs of running the website, today we begin accepting advertising on Michigan Buddhist.

This is not a decision made lightly. We’ve been open to accepting donations on the site via a PayPal link for as long as I’ve administered the site. My hope is that accepting advertising will provide an effective venue for dharma related businesses, and those selling goods and services desired by practitioners, to reach their customers. At  the same time, we hope it may provide a more successful method of raising funds to continue our work.

I plan to be as selective as possible. For a short time Michigan Buddhist hosted some Google Ads that never quite seemed to fit well with our content or our audience. We also dabbled with having an Amazon “bookstore.” Neither raised much money and generally caused more trouble than they were worth.

I welcome your thoughts on this decision, and I’m open to ideas on other methods of fundraising as well. My hope is that some will find this opportunity exciting and mutually beneficial.

Peace to all, always.


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  1. Hi, Jim. Off-topic comment here but there’s a 404 error on your contact page, so I can’t reach you that way. I just came across your website after sifting through approximately three hundred blog addresses that I retrieved from the old (and now-defunct, apparently) Blogisattva database. You are the only other true community-serving, geographically-based outreach site that I’ve found thus far, besides the one I formed a few months ago, which is called South Houston Sangha News. If you have a moment, please drop me a line at southhoustonsangha (gmail).

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