Maitreya Loving Kindness Tour in Grand Rapids 9/25 – 28

The Maitreya Loving Kindness Tour, a collection of sacred cremation relics from Buddhist masters that travels worldwide will be visiting Grand Rapids September 25 through 28, and can be seen at the Fountain Street Church.

Maitreya Loving Kindness Tour is a world-wide touring collection of sacred relics of the historical Buddha Shakyamuni and many other Buddhist masters from India Tibet, Korea & China. The relics were found among the cremation ashes of these Buddhist masters. They resemble beautiful, pearl-like crystals that Tibetans call ‘ringsel.’ Buddhists believe relics embody the master’s spiritual qualities of compassion and wisdom and are deliberately produced by the master at his death. His Holiness the Dalia Lama has graciously offered to this collection, eight relics of the historical Buddha that are over 2,500 years old. The tour also features relics from forty other Buddhist masters from different parts of the world, in all there are over 1,000 relics in this collection, making it the largest touring relic collection of its kind. The tour was created in 2001 by the modern day Buddhist master Lama Zopa Rinpoche, Lama Zopa collected the relics from all over the world, over a period of many years. The tour has now visited 68 countries and over 2.3 million people have visited the relics. Currently two collections are touring simultaneously, one tour is traveling in Europe/Asia and the other in the Americas. Maitreya Loving Kindness Tour events are multi-faith, multi-cultural and are always free to attend. The exhibition is intended for all walks of life and faith, to learn about and to experience these historical relics.

Maitreya Relic Tour
Thursday: 6pm to 8pm Opening Ceremony followed by Relic viewing
Friday: 10am to 7pm
Saturday: 10m to 7pm
Sunday: 12pm to 6pm
Fountain Street Church
24 Fountain St NE
Grand Rapids, Michigan 49503
Fountain Street Church
Contact: Theresa Pearce
Telephone: (+1) 616-881-3281