Spring Mindfulness Retreat, May 13-17

Sam Ewalt from the Bluewater Community of Mindful Living writes:

For over ten years The Bluewater Community of Mindful Living has been offering mindfulness retreats up north at Song of the Morning Yoga Retreat Center in Vanderbilt, Michigan just north of Gaylord off I-75. We are happy to announce that our Spring Mindfulness Retreat this year will be held May 13-17. You may come just for the weekend, for all five days, or as your schedule allows.

Our spring retreat has become an anticipated event for many who enjoy the deep quiet and beauty of the north woods in spring. Everyone is welcome, beginners and experienced meditators alike.

We sit. We walk. We enjoy the nourishment of food and friends.

Our lives are often busy and complex. Mindfulness practice is an opportunity to slow down, focus, and enjoy our lives. Everyone from all walks of life and traditions are cordially welcomed to join us for these days together. The practice is simple, easy to follow, and of benefit to all.

Allowing yourself to enjoy peace and quiet in beautiful, natural surroundings with the companionship of spiritual friends can be transformational.

Song of the Morning offers 800 beautiful, wooded acres along the pristine Pigeon River and is ideal for meditation. We will practice sitting and walking meditation, enjoy some noble silence, yoga, the Ten Mindful Movements, dharma sharing discussions, early morning walks to greet the day, and other activities from the Plum Village tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh.

Song of the Morning provides delicious vegetarian meals and a wide variety of comfortable accommodations. The cost will be around fifty dollars a night for a bed in the “Domes” and more deluxe rooms, some with private baths are available.

To register please review the accommodations at their web site. (please scroll down to see a chart with all your choices)

You can register online or directly with the office at Song of the Morning, 989-983-4107 or office@songofthemorning.org. The easiest way to register is by telephone so that you may discuss your payment options. The office is now closed on Mondays.

Students with ID receive a twenty-five percent discount. Memberships which offer other discounts are also available.

For details about our practices at the retreat please contact Sam Ewalt, ewalt@glis.net or 810-388-1419.