Now YOU can post on Michigan Buddhist

Friends, I’m disappointed in my ability to keep up with your news. I’ve missed some teacher and speaker visits which should have been more widely publicized. My sincere apologies to those I’ve neglected.

To help make Michigan Buddhist a better resource to all, I’ve decided to allow registered users to be able to make their own postings. This will allow you to post news of upcoming retreats, speakers and events at your leisure. My hope is this will make Michigan Buddhist more interactive and provide for more relevant and current information.

To register, just click the ‘Register’ link in the Meta section of the sidebar. You’ll choose a username and provide an email address. A strong password will be sent to that address. Return to the site and login with your chosen username and the password sent to your email address.

This is kind of a big experiment. If it goes well, then great. If not, well, things will go back to how they were.

Please understand that all opinions expressed are those of the posting party, and in no way reflect the views of Michigan Buddhist or the Administrator.

2 thoughts on “Now YOU can post on Michigan Buddhist”

    1. Thank you Gendo, and thank you for your retreat announcement! That is *exactly* what I was hoping would happen when I opened things up.

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