The 6 Perfections with Ven. Thupten Tsondu

The 6 Perfections Lecture Series with Ven. Thupten Tsondu (Tashi)
Seva Yoga in East Grand Rapids
Saturday and Sunday, 4:30 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.,
on three consecutive weekends:

  • September 25 and 26 (Generosity, Morality)
  • October 2 and 3 (Patience, Joyous Effort)
  • October 9 and 10 (Concentration, Wisdom)
  • Following the Saturday, October 2nd lecture will be
    Tibetan Tantric Chanting for Peace (approx. 7:00 p.m.)

    Donation based series – suggested $12 per or $65 for the series.

    About Ven. Thupten Tsondu (Tashi):
    Venerable Gyudmed Ngarampa Thupten Tsondu (Tashi) was born in Tibet but fled to India in 1959 to seek political asylum along with his parents and the Dalai Lama. At age 13 he entered Gyudmed Tantric University to become a monk according to his wishes. In 1995 he was given a dialectic exam in front of 400 monks which resulted in the Geshe Ngarampa degree, a Ph.D. in Tibetan Tantric Buddhism.

    He has visited the USA, Canada, Switzerland, England, Mongolia, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Nepal and India and has taught ritual chanting, sand mandala construction and dialectic debate to monks at the Gyudmed Tantric, Gaden Jangtse and Drepung Gomang Monasteries of India and the Pethub Stengeyling and Gyud Monasteries of Mongolia. Tashi also served as chief administrator of Gyudmed Tantric University and wrote a book on tantric ritual.

    Venerable Gyudmed Ngarampa Thupten Tsondu (Tashi) is currently a Buddhist spiritual teacher in Florida.

    Ven. Tashi is in the Grand Rapids area for the creation of a Sand Mandala as part of the Art Prize 2010 exhibition.