Free showing of “Gate-Atomic Flame”

The epic film GATE-Atomic Flame (2008) documents the journey of several Zen monks from Japan to the Trinity Site in New Mexico, the locale of the first atomic test detonation in history. In 2005, the monks transported atomic flame–kept alive for 60 years in Hiroshima–to the Trinity test site in Nevada. The monks wanted to extinguish the flame at the site; to bring the destruction full circle, to heal the past and reduce the threat of future nuclear war.

We want as many people as possible to see this film, so we decided to screen it FREE. Because Gate won’t be shown at theaters nor sold on DVD, this will be a unique opportunity. We hope the experience will inspire people to help others live in peace, transcending country, religion, race and the past.


TIME: 7 p.m., October 28th
PLACE: 107 S. Kedzie Hall, on the Michigan State University campus
COST: Free (donations are welcome and encouraged)

Presented by the Atomic Peace Network
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