Site News


I’ve had to lock down the membership abilities on Michigan Buddhist. I’ve been experiencing some persistent problems with potential members from one particular email provider trying to hijack the site to their own ends. This email provider is known for being a source of “spam”, and I don’t want to play cat and mouse with them.

So, no memberships will be accepted from anyone from the domain in question. This is unfortunate, as I truly welcome members posting their Buddhism-related events and news here.

Anyone who wants to register on Michigan Buddhist may do so. Your default member privileges as a newly registered member will be limited until I determine whether you are legitimate. To help me determine that you are who you say you are, please fill out as much membership info on your profile as you are comfortable with sharing. All current members who registered prior to this posting will retain their current privileges.

Registered members can make and manage their own posts. I reserve the right to modify or delete posts that are irrelevant to Michigan practitioners, or are in bad taste or offensive.

Peace to all,