Grand Rapids Zen Center to Host Five Precepts Ceremony

The Grand Rapids Zen Center will host a Five Precepts Ceremony Sunday April 8, 2012. Anyone who is interested in participating must cotact the Venerable Deokwun Russell Pitts not later than December 3, 2011. The ceremony will be conducted by the Venerable Jongmae Park, Head of the Oversea Parish of the Korean Buddhist Teago Order on Monks and Nuns. There are specific preparatory trainings and practices that must be completed prior to the April ceremony. If you are interested in participating please call Deokwun Sunim prior to December 3rd at 616 822 2465

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Venerable Deokwun Russell Pitts ("Sunim") Ordained Monk with the Korean Buddhist Taego Order. Head of the Grand Rapids Zen Center 156 E Fulton Grand Rapids MI

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