SokukoJi offering December Retreat

Kozan Karen McClean writes:

Join us in retreat at SokukoJi Buddhist Community in Battle Creek, Michigan December 1st through December 8th. This is a great opportunity to deepen your awareness practice with the support of sangha! Sokuzan Bob Brown will give a Dharma talk and be available for interviews each day.

December 1st through 4th is Ango (practice period). There will be block sitting practice (shikantaza) in the morning, and the afternoon will include various awareness practices like Dharma study, calligraphy, oryoki, ikebana, temple forms, work periods and more meditation practice.

On December 5th-8th there will be traditional Soto Zen sesshin to honor the enlightenment of the Buddha. This will be a period of intensive meditation practice. Lunch and dinner will be served oryoki style in the zendo.

Come for any or all of these activities. Lodging is available at the temple. The cost is $70.00/day, which includes 3 meals, lodging, and expenses for the day’s activities.

The FINAL DEADLINE for registration is WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 27th. If you have questions, contact Kozan at [email protected] or mail the completed registration below to:

SokukoJi Buddhist Community-North
PO box 256
Acme, MI 49610