Monastics to visit Lansing area 9/11-20


Carolyn White from the Lansing Area Mindfulness Community writes:

Dear Friends, 5 Monastics (2 monks, 3 nuns) and several Wake-Uppers (young practitioners) are coming to East Lansing/Lansing from Blue Cliff Monastery and Plum Village for 10 days, from September 11 to September 20. Please join us for these events.

The schedule for the 3-day retreat on Michigan State University campus, plus information on donations can be found on our Lansing Area Mindfulness Community website and Facebook page.

And for those in the Greater Lansing Area, we ask you to get the word out about the Walk with Friends/Sit in Peace Interfaith Gathering on the lawn of the Capitol, Monday, Sept 15, starting at 2 PM. This is Michigan’s first flashmob meditation and prayer session. We’ll see what happens.

The events are free (just come, there is no registration) but we ask for donations to help feed our monastics and financially support them during their Great Lakes Tour.

Below is the schedule of events, subject, of course, to impermanence.

Bowing deeply to you all,
Carolyn White
True Land of Purity

Monastic Retreat Schedule – September 11-20 in Lansing/East Lansing

Friday, September 12:
Retreat begins at Michigan State University 7-9 PM
Lake Huron Room on the 3rd floor of the Student Union (on Grand River, beside Abbot Road)
Free Parking on campus from 6 PM Friday through Sunday, including the ramp two doors east on Grand River

Saturday, September 13:
Retreat continues in the Lake Huron Room 9 AM – 5 PM
Gathering at the east entrance of the Student Union for exercise 9AM
Buffet lunch provided.
Please bring cushions & mats Saturday & Sunday. Chairs will be provided.

Sunday, September 14:
Retreat continues in the Ballroom on the 2nd floor of the Student Union 9-3 PM
Gathering at the east entrance of the Student Union for exercise 9AM
Picnic lunch provided.

Monday, September 15:
Walk with Friends/Sit in Peace, an Interfaith Gathering
Starting at 2 PM on the front lawn of the Capitol
This is a flashmob meditation and prayer session
Please invite all your friends in other religions and those without a religion

Tuesday, September 16:
Lazy Day

Wednesday, September 17:
Q & A with the Monastics
at the Van Hanh Temple, 3015 S. Washington, Lansing 7-9 PM

Thursday, September 18:
Lansing Neighborhood Walk 5 PM
at the Village Summit on Barnes, off S. Washington

Saturday, September 20:
Our friends continue on to Madison