21 Day tour of Buddhist pilgrimage sites offered

Ken and Vishaka Kawasaki of the Buddhist Relief Mission are organizing a 21 day tour of the Buddhist pilgrimage sites in India for February 2016. This will be a wonderful opportunity to tour the Buddhist sites by train and air conditioned coach with experienced people who are dedicated Buddhists and meditators. The cost will be around $1500 including all travel and accommodation in India.

English teachers by profession, Ken and Vishaka have lived for many years in Sri Lanka and also conduct annual intensive English classes for Buddhist monks. They have extensive contacts in the Buddhist community and have traveled widely throughout Asia. This will be the fifth pilgrimage Ken and Vishaka have undertaken since 1970.

In addition the Kawasaki’s have recently edited and published a book of texts, verses, and sutta readings that can be used to enhance your spiritual experience of the pilgrimage. This book, “A Pilgrim’s Companion”, also features a daily meditation practice guide linked to the Buddhist sites.

For further information please contact Ken and Vishaka through their web site.