Website updated, now more complete


I spent a few days scouring the internet to find the most up to date information for temple, group, and sangha in Michigan. Historically it’s been hard to discover non-English language temples, as they don’t show up in English-language queries. I stumbled across a great resource that’s made this task much simpler. Most if not all temples and groups of any size are registered as non-profit, and searching their non-profit filings is quite easy. So, I added a couple of dozen temples and groups I previously didn’t know about!

The migration from sangha only being listed by metro area to each city having its own page is also complete. Under the Sangha menu, there are now submenus for Eastern Michigan, Metro Detroit, Northern Michigan, the Upper Peninsula, and Western Michigan. The individual cities for each respective region are now under each of those submenus.

If I learned anything from this little bit of research, it’s that there is a lot of outdated sangha information on the internet. I’ve always tried to make Michigan Buddhist as comprehensive and accurate as I can, and that often involves discovering if a sangha is still active, if two similar sangha with different addresses are actually the same one, and trying to get the most complete information possible. If your sangha listing is wrong or incomplete, please let me know!

Michigan Buddhist, although not a registered non-profit, is essentially a voluntary labor of love and a part of my own practice. However, if you find this information useful, or if you’ve experienced an influx of practitioners claiming they learned about your sangha from Michigan Buddhist, please consider practicing Dana, or generosity by making a donation to help defray the cost of website hosting and bandwidth.

Best wishes to you and yours,