Michigan Buddhist collects and distributes Dharma-related information of particular interest to practitioners of Buddhism in Michigan. We maintain a directory of temples, sangha, meditation, and discussion groups throughout Michigan. We also publicize speakers, retreats, and happenings in the area.

We provide a list of relevant links for those looking to learn about Buddhism and inform their practice, and a calendar of upcoming events. Despite being focused on Michigan, Michigan Buddhist receives visitors from around the world, from nearly every country.

We follow the example of The Inclusive Buddhist Cooperative: a small, informal, loosely bound band of volunteers. As the name says, we are inclusive, non-sectarian, and try to stay focused on the Dharma.

If Michigan Buddhist is valuable to you, we invite you to practice dana, or generosity, and donate as you are able on the Donations page.

Yours in the Dharma,

Tenzin James Johnson

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