Spring Retreat with Bluewater Community of Mindful Living

The Bluewater Community of Mindful Living from Port Huron is continuing
to sponsor mindfulness retreats in the Plum Village tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh at Song of the Morning Yoga Retreat Center in Vanderbilt north of Gaylord.

Song of the Morning is now offering accommodation in the “Domes” on a “suggested donation” basis. You may simply offer payment as your pocketbook allows.

Please consider offering more than the suggested amount if you able to to do so to encourage this generous offer. Some private rooms and more deluxe suites are also available at their regular rates.

Song of the Morning is a beautiful, 800 acre retreat in the woods along the Pigeon River and is ideal for meditation.

We will enjoy sitting and walking meditation, morning walks to greet the day, silent meals of gratitude, dharma discussions, yoga and other activities. The sangha is the teacher.

Our spring retreat this year will be held May 15-19. Please join us for the weekend, for all five days, or just for the afternoon. The cost is around fifty dollars a night for a bed in the dormitory “Domes.” Camping is an even more affordable option and is encouraged.

To register please visit Song of the Morning accomodations. Please scroll down for rates.

To review your choices for accommodation and register online or directly with the office at Song of the Morning, 989-983-4107 or email [email protected]. Please discuss your payment options with Song of the Morning. Additional membership discounts are available.

For additional details please contact Sam Ewalt, [email protected] or 810-388-1419. Sam will be on retreat and unable to answer emails or phone calls until May 3.